Guinea Pigs As Pets: How to Raise Solid, Upbeat Guinea Pigs

On the off chance that you have ever thought to be raising guinea pigs as pets, you aren’t the only one. Many are pulled in to having guinea pigs as pets, primarily because of their charm. Not just that, they’re really probably the most effortless pet to claim. Be that as it may, even they will require some consideration for both their wellbeing and security. Likewise with all pets, being a capable proprietor is constantly significant.

Before you go to your nearby pet store and bring home a guinea pig, you ought to teach yourself on a portion of the essential prerequisites for dealing with a guinea pig. Despite the fact that they are prevalent as pets, discovering all the guinea pig data ahead of time will support you and your new pet appreciate a long and cheerful coexistence. There is a great deal of data on guinea pigs that is accessible today, and you’d be astute to accumulate all the data on guinea pigs you can before bringing one home as a pet.

By finding however much data as could be expected, and afterward apply it, you are demonstrating that they’re something beyond a pet, they’re a no nonsense creature. Coming up next are some broad obligations important to appropriately mind of guinea pig pets:

Their Nails

In any case, similarly as it’s with people, their nails are developing and should be cut every once in a while. If not, they’ll be excessively long and will be excruciating for your pet. In any case, rather than utilizing nail scissors as you’d accomplish for yourself, utilizing blocks, harsh stones, rocks or other unpleasant surfaces for your guinea pig to stroll on empowers them to normally keep their nails short. Ensure that whatever you pick will have no openings that they may get trapped in.

In the event that you choose to trim their nails with nail scissors, guarantee you don’t stop them as well. On the off chance that you do clip them excessively close, you could hit the veins situated at the highest point of the nail. This is typically alluded to as the ‘speedy’. You can without much of a stretch see this region in light of the fact that the nails are commonly clear in shading and the region containing the blood is pink in shading. In any case, there are sure breeds who’s nails are darker. Provided that this is true, it’ll be hard to see where the vein in the nail lies.

In the event that the nails are clear, cut simply over the pink region. On the off chance that the nails are dull to dark, you would be smarter to trim them all the more regularly and not let them get excessively far become so as to guarantee that you don’t cut into the vein region.

In the event that you do cut the ‘fast’, they’ll drain. To stop the dying, many pet shops sell ‘Fast Stop’ to stop the dying. On the off chance that you don’t have this convenient, iodine will work.

Obviously, until your pet is utilized to this daily practice, they’ll most likely squirm a piece. On the off chance that you have somebody to help hold them consistent while cutting their nails, this will make the activity a lot simpler and limit cutting too profoundly. Wrap your guinea pig in a towel so their feet stick out and have the individual helping you keep them still.

In the event that there is nobody to assist, another path with trimming their nails is to put them on a tennis racket so the toe nails are standing out the opposite side of the rack. Make a point to cover them with something warm to keep them quiet.

The Teeth

No matter what, most rodents have teeth that develop consistently. You should guarantee that your guinea pig’s two front teeth don’t become excessively long. In the event that this occurs, they’ll not have the option to bite their nourishment. Should this be the situation, take them to the vet and have their teeth cut shorter.

Different approaches to enable them to keep their teeth short is by giving a hard surface to them to bite on. They are normal chewers and this will shield their teeth from getting excessively long. Things, for example, feed 3D shapes, tissue centers, or old stale bread will furnish them with something to bite on to keep their teeth short. You will need to give these things to shield your pet from biting on items that may hurt them, for example, their wire pen or settling box.

It is additionally a smart thought to play out a normal investigation of their teeth to ensure nothing is split or broken. Broken teeth can bring about them enduring agony or inconvenience thus. In the event that you find chipped or broken teeth, contact your veterinarian with respect to what ought to be done to address this issue.


Another part of the ordinary consideration of your new pet is to keep their hair spotless, glossy and solid. An approach to do this is with standard brushing. In the event that the length of their hair is long, you should brush them every day. In the event that their hair is short, a couple of times each week ought to be sufficient.

A kind of hair brush that functions admirably is a child’s brush. The brushes are frequently delicate and delicate and won’t be excessively hard on their scalp. On the off chance that your guinea pig has long hair, a metal greyhound brush will effortlessly expel any tangles. Ordinary brushing will evacuate abundance hair, particularly during the shedding season.


Except if they get messy, it isn’t important to give them a shower. Truth be told, guinea pigs don’t much like a shower, regardless! They can end up pushed when set in water, and it has been referred to bring down their resistant framework also. Guinea pigs can go their entire lives while never requiring a shower. Along these lines, except if coordinated by your veterinarian, it’s not important to give them a shower.

In the event that it ends up fundamental, ensure you utilize a cleanser that is delicate to their skin. You can utilize shampoos that are made for cats or children. It’s additionally insightful to avoid any cleanser that is sedated except if assigned by the vet.

All things considered, there you are! By first pick up everything about guinea pigs and after that applying the guinea pig information recorded above, you and your new pet will have a long and solid coexistence!

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