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Treats for Your Pet Pigeon

Individuals ruin their pet felines and canine with treats, so why not ruin your pet pigeon as well? All things considered, you might be soliciting yourself, “What sort of treats do pigeons eat?” The main thing you can do to locate this out is to test and see what your pigeon likes. Yet, I’ll kick you off destined for success with a couple of fundamental recommendations.


Bread makes a decent nibble for the two individuals and pigeons the same! In any case, youthful pigeons may require you to wet the bread before they eat it. Give this treat to your pigeons with some restraint since it isn’t the most nutritious thing for them.


Individuals have blended emotions on fish. Some can’t get enough and others avoid it. Your pet pigeon is a similar way. Take a stab at giving fish as a treat to your pigeon at some point and perceive how they like it.

Sound Oats

Grains like Cheerios or Chex might be delectable for your pet pigeon. In the event that you think the pieces are too enormous, at that point squash it up for them. By and by, you might need to wet the grain for the youthful pigeons. Clearly, avoid sugary grains.

A bubbled egg

While it might appear to be odd to nourish an egg-laying animal an egg, put it all on the line. Pet pigeons love a decent bubbled egg. Try not to be inefficient however – feed them the eggshell as well. The shell contains calcium which is useful for your pigeons, particularly the females. Cautioning: abstain from encouraging them crude eggs. They may begin eating the eggs they lay in the event that you do. That is a formula for some extremely despondent momma pigeons.

Nuts and seeds

In the event that you think a lot about pet pigeon care, you are as of now giving them a fair feed. Have a go at encouraging them nuts and seeds that aren’t in their normal seed blend. They will value the change. Pound up the nuts that are too large for them to eat entirety. Pigeons love crude peanuts, however you should explore different avenues regarding different nuts as well. Make a point to just sustain the crude, unsalted nuts and seeds. On the off chance that you can’t locate any unsalted, simply wash them off in the sink.

Particularly sunflower or safflower seeds

Your pigeon will have not lived until it attempts sunflower seeds. My pigeons scarf them down as quick as they can and afterward need more. They can’t get enough. Ensure the seeds are unsalted, salted ones may hurt your pigeon. Glance in the mass nourishments segment of the market to discover unsalted sunflower seeds.


Pigeons love to eat vegetables, for example, kale, lettuce, peas, spinach, and sprouts. Investigation some to discover precisely which ones your pet pigeon like. Be that as it may, it is more secure not to nourish them any potatoes, a few pieces of a potato can be noxious to feathered creatures.

Natural products

Cut a few grapes down the middle and they will make for an unsurpassed most loved pigeon treat. Practically any natural product will work however. This is some other time when experimentation is an unquestionable requirement.

Try not to surrender!

A few feathered creatures can be demanding, so on the off chance that you don’t discover what they like immediately don’t be disheartened. Simply continue attempting diverse pigeon treats until you locate the correct one.

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